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Health Care

2010 March 30
by Bill

If you are not healthy now, you had better get that way, the future of health care in the United States is in serious doubt. Diet and exercise are the key to health whether you like it or not. I am blessed with a wife, Karen, who lives this and takes me along for the ride. I am not always a willing companion on these trips but I do feel better than I have in decades and people have a hard time believing that I am the age that I am thanks to her diligence and dedication to health and wellness. Thank you Honey.

Your body, designed in the image and likeness of your Creator, will heal itself if you provide it with the right stuff. Hippocrates said “Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.” Unfortunately most medical schools in the world do not teach nutrition anymore because they are supported in great measure by pharmaceutical companies with an agenda. This shortfall in education renders well intentioned medical providers uninformed. For too many, heart disease, diabetes, cancer and a host of other diseases could be avoided if healthy diets were followed.

In 1949 the United States led the world with the longest life expectancy. Today we barely rank in the top 50. Obesity rates have doubled since 1980 and obesity is at the epicenter of our over-burdened health care system. “Obesity is not only a disease itself, but the harbinger of others” said Hippocrates. His oath, taken by every health care professional, includes the sentiment “First, do no harm” yet nearly every prescription medication comes with a long list of warnings and potential side effects.

As a nation we are sick and getting sicker but the remedy has been here all along; it is sound nutrition. Eat well and be healthy. Eat poorly and be sick.

It is a simple choice.

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