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Political Shennanigans

2010 April 2
by Bill

My oh my, how soon we forget our history. Maybe it is the school system’s decision to not teach history. Or perhaps to only teach revised history, I have no idea. My early education included interesting periods like the French Revolution, the Communist takeovers of (insert your favorite former communist country here) or how the Nazis ripped off Europe in the 30’s. They all followed similar patterns. Get the people riled up, get the news media to take your case forward and plant stories and circumstances that make the the good guys look bad and the bad guys look like the saviors…or at least innocent of the charges for which they are guilty but are laying off on the opposition. Clever, but far from an original idea. It was, and is, textbook.

Case in point number one. On that infamous Sunday (3/21/10) when the Democrats decided that it was time to ram the healthcare bill through the stacked House of Representatives, Speaker Pelosi decided that it would be a good idea to forgo the normal route to the House floor and walk through an enormous, and, in her fertile mind potentially dangerous, crowd which had gathered to oppose her and her fellows. The normal route is a private subway that connects the House office buildings with the capitol building. It is safe, secure and quick. I’ve been on it several times and I know.

Instead, Ms. Pelosi created a photo op reminiscent of the march through Selma (arm in arm with the Black Caucus members) in an attempt to rile up the crowd and get some good anti-right wing press. Video cameras were everywhere on both sides from Flip videos to cell phones to the main stream media, all eyes and ears were on this pathetic little group. Even her comrades had their videos trained on the crowd undoubtedly to catch the evil doers in the act and have the proof on the evening news.

Ooops, it did’t work! There was no crowd cooperation! Darn Tea Bagggers! No matter, move on the next best thing, loud accusations of evil doing regardless of truth. After all, they have been lying about everything else, why not this? Did anyone notice that Ms. Pelosi was the only person armed? Her gigantic gavel would have been comical in any other arms…actually I found it comical in hers, but I digress.

So, the accusations were made of the “N” word (fifteen times to one of the marchers it has been said…but by only that particular marcher) and spitting on the group was reported as well. When I heard that I thought “How horrible, I would not want to be associated with that crowd at all, nor would anyone whom I know!” One problem that Ms. Pelosi didn’t count on, the crowd didn’t participate in her wee drama. With all of the cameras and police, not one piece of evidence, audio or visual, has yet to surface that could support their charges. A spitter would have been arrested for assault by the Capitol Police who were present in great numbers and covered the marchers quite closely. Undaunted by the evidence, they have yet to back off their scurrilous charges. I would cry shame, shame but these are Democrats and in my lifetime I have learned that they don’t have any (Al, I refuse to call him Rev., Sharpton and Twanna Brawley come to mind). My concern is for the willing media. They have not jumped on this, save for Fox News, and those folks get marginalized when ever possible by the losers on the left.

Case in point number two. Last week the Tea Party went to Sen. Harry Reid’s hometown in Searchlight, Nevada. About 50 or so union members got there ahead of them and set up one guy to direct traffic the wrong way. When the bus carrying the Tea Party staff came through these goons pelted it with eggs and tried to pin the blame on Andrew Brightbart, a conservative film maker. Once again these geniuses neglected to notice the video cameras which caught evidence of eggs in their hands. Doh! I thought that Homer Simpson was only a cartoon character.

On the night of Feb. 27, 1933, a key event in the establishment of the Nazi dictatorship and widely believed to have been contrived by the newly formed Nazi government itself to turn public opinion against its opponents and to assume emergency powers …the Nazi’s burned down the Reichstag (the seat of German government). Hitler’s propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels, is supposed to have devised the scheme…. On Feb. 28, 1933, the day after the fire, Hitler’s dictatorship began with the enactment of a decree “for the Protection of the People and the State,” which dispensed with all constitutional protection of political, personal, and property rights. The news media cooperated and the Jews, Communists and Gypsies, all enemies of the Nazi party, were blamed. Make no mistake folks, the current administration is fully capable of the same thing.

Moving the process forward, Kristallnacht was triggered by the assassination in Paris of German diplomat Ernst vom Rath by Herschel Grynszpan, a German-born Polish Jew. In a coordinated attack on Jewish people and their property, 91 Jews were murdered and 25,000 to 30,000 were arrested and placed in concentration camps. 267 synagogues were destroyed, and thousands of homes and businesses were ransacked. This was done by the Hitler Youth, the Gestapo and the SS. Kristallnacht also served as a pretext and a means for the wholesale confiscation of firearms from German Jews.

Be concerned Christians, be very concerned.

While the assassination of Rath served as a pretext for the attacks, Kristallnacht was part of a broader Nazi policy of antisemitism and persecution of the Jews. Kristallnacht was followed by further economic and political persecutions. It is viewed by many historians as the beginning of the Final Solution, leading towards the genocide of the Holocaust.  The thought process still lives in many places around the world. I just never though that I would see it here.

Could it happen again? Here? Now? You betcha.

Case in point three. The French Revolution. Read it for yourself. Suffice to say that the Dems of that period planted enough lies and mis-information that hundreds of thousands lost their lives, a monarchy was destroyed and France has never been the same, nor have their colonies like Haiti. Too bad. It’s a lovely country. I just wish they hadn’t killed off all of the polite people.

It is time to wake from your slumber folks. As Dorothy said to Toto, “We’re not in Kansas anymore.” We are in a mess of Biblical proportion and if you don’t get busy you will be swept away. The time to get involved in politics is NOW. Local or national is not important. What is important is for good people to stand up and follow the words of our Founders. There are plenty of them, all uplifting and meaningful. Check my Quote of the day for a few of them at

And Pray. Pray like you have never prayed before. Christ is the only answer to what is upon us, and His Lips are on the Horn.

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