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2010 April 28
by Bill

After 40 great years in the world of  medical equipment sales and consulting I have successfully added a new element to our rapidly expanding business and have transitioned into the world of highly consumable, highly nutritious food. I believe the next massive business opportunity is getting nutrition into our western diets, easily. Today we are an incredibly ill nation, so much so, that there is a good chance it will bankrupt us as a country…paying for all the symptoms that are caused by our poor nutrition and eating habits. Not the mention all the negative health affects…especially on our children.

We have been fortunate to find a young company, Lifemax, that is part of the solution…our product Mila is the world most nutrient rich food, so much so you can live on it and water alone. It’s changing the health of people around the globe.

Karen and I are currently reading the latest Robert Kiyosaki book, The Business of the 21st Century – wow!  It is awesome … and talk about BELIEF building!

In my opinion, if someone chooses not to become involved with the fastest growing segment of our economy – network marketing (unless you count the U.S. government) – they simply are not well informed.  They have not yet had someone who cares about them explain how the times have changed … as Mr. Kiyosaki so clearly explains, employees and small business owners were needed during the industrial age … the industrial age has largely gone away – we are now in the information age.  We operate and compete in a global economy. Those who thrive in these times will have a place in this global economy.   Network marketing provides the one true way for anyone’s life to be significantly improved and for true wealth to be created – without you having to become a big business owner and assuming all of the risks, responsibilities and problems that this entails (raising capital, rent, employees, payroll, inventory, legal council, etc).

Does it happen overnight?  No … what real business do you know that does? Can it happen? Absolutely … if you grow, learn, apply yourself, and don’t quit! And, you make money while you learn! It was, I believe, the late, great Jim Rohn who said, “it’s a personal development program with a commission attached.”

This book, The Business of the 21st Century, is a wealth of information.  I encourage you to read it.  For now, allow me to quote Mr. Kiyosaki … “One of the principle reasons I have put so much energy into supporting and promoting the network marketing industry is simply this: Its systems are fairer than previous systems of acquiring wealth.”

“A network marketing system is set up to make it possible for anyone to share in the wealth. This is a very democratic way of wealth creation. The system is open to anyone who has drive, determination, and perseverance. The system does not really care what college you went to or whether you went to one at all. It does not care how much money you are making today , what race or sex you are, how good-looking you are, who your parents are, or how popular you are. Most network marketing companies care primarily about how much you’re willing to learn, to change and to grow, and whether you have the guts to stick it out through thick and thin while you learn to be a business owner.”

“Network marketing is more that just a good idea; in many ways, it is the business model of the future. Why? Because the world is finally starting to awaken to the reality that the Industrial Age is over.”

The information and the insight goes on and on … you can read it for yourself (and I hope you will).  The question is – what are you going to do with this new reality? Are you ready to take control of your life and make a better future for yourself and for those you love? I hope so! We invite you to join us as we truly change the health and wealth of the world!

For more information on Lifemax, call 212-461-2572.  To join us or for more information, contact me by posting a message here. Let’s impact the world together!

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