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2010 May 17
by Bill

Our home church, Seacoast Community Church of Mt. Pleasant, SC, is a great place to worship God and receive blessings. Just like your church, I am sure, but this one is ours and we love it there. Our family is very involved. Karen and I serve as Elders, are on the Prayer Teams and daughter Sarah leads Praise & Worship at the Summerville (SC) campus as well as serving as Creative Director, producing videos and support material for the weekly message. The church is filled with about 12,000 good, solid selfless Christians on eleven campuses who are seeking to be fully equipped followers of Christ. Seacoast has a constant flow of mission teams going out to every point in the globe that you can think of where there is need. Great people, great church.

So I wonder why the Westboro “Baptist Church” of Kansas came to our Mt. Pleasant, SC campus last Sunday to protest us! You should remember them, they are the folks who protest military funerals and call church members whores, and worse. The word in the news media was that they were protesting us because we have women in some leadership positions. The jury is still out on that issue but the protesters never mentioned that. What they did was scream rather  anti Christian slogans at our members as they came and left (they decided to protest between our busiest services) and hold up signs that made little sense while at the same time were just plain nasty. That particular day they had teams doing this in nine different places in three SC cities! One would think that with that level of expense they could have sent these folks to Haiti and done some rebuilding or something worth calling themselves a “church.” The Baptists must be really upset about the use of their denominational name.

It isn’t my call, but if it were I would send them all on a nice long vacation to Central Africa and have them work in an AIDS orphanage for ten days. Uganda comes to mind. Perhaps that might change their perspective. Unfortunately, it isn’t my call and they are not equipped for the job anyhow. Why? Because they are led by lawyers, not ministers. They fund themselves by filing law suits against anyone who opposes them or makes derogatory comments about them. Insurance companies would rather pay than fight them in court, so it is easy pickins for these guys. Interesting family business.

May God have mercy on them.

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