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Turner & Hooch…sort of

2010 May 31
by Bill

Turner and Hooch

On Friday, July 23rd, 2004, my son Bill and I were in New York with our design engineer, Steve Ferweda, to deliver our new field surgical light to an Army training center in Brooklyn. Our Ford Expedition was loaded with the light, two sets of golf clubs (we had been invited to play a round at the number 10 golf club in the nation in Garden City, NY), Billy’s laptop and a one-of-a-kind guitar that Billy needed some service on. All in all, a lot of stuff. We were at a nice hotel in a quiet part of Long Island and it was late so we left everything in the car and went to bed. After all, I had stayed at this location many times over the past twenty years and never had a problem.

At 0650 we walked out of the Marriott and went to our car. As I rounded the rear I noticed a lot of glass next to the door and made a mental note not to drive over it. I look up and noticed that IT WAS MY GLASS! The rear passenger window on the driver’s side had been bashed out and all of our stuff, with the exception of the 135-pound light, was GONE! About $12,000 of stuff, GONE!

The police were called and arrived within the hour, took the obligatory report, and that was that…or so I thought.

I sent Billy and Steve to Brooklyn, with the light, in a Taxi. After I completed the police report I drove to a glass place, made arrangements to have a window installed, and went to Brooklyn to pick them up. Before joining me in business Billy was in the music business in NY and specialized in guitars. As we drove to LaGuardia airport to drop Steve off Billy began to call some old contacts in NY that buy and sell used guitars to tell them of the theft and to ask them to watch for his very special (and very expensive) guitar.

We dropped Steve off and I was reminded that nothing happens in life without God’s knowledge. We pulled over and prayed for the thief and for a return of our peace. Then we went and had the glass replaced and grabbed some lunch.

As we were finishing lunch the phone rang. It was one of the guys that Billy had called. The thief was in his shop with the guitar and three members of the Freeport (NY) Police Department! (Ain’t God quick?)

Off we went to Freeport (about 20 minutes away). Standing outside of the shop was a cop and the “perpetrator of the crime,” one Stanley Ewing by name. Next to Stanley was a Subaru, which Stanley used to arrive at the shop. I was able to park my Expedition right in front of Stanley. I could not see any change in his expression but I sense that he was more than shocked to see that big green Expedition again so soon. Once he was off to the police station, and his car was declared impounded, the police opened his trunk and lo and behold, there was the rest of our stuff!

The rest of our day was spent in the police station writing statements and waiting for detectives to wrap up the case. The police agencies involved, both the Nassau County Police and the Freeport Police, worked very diligently for us to make certain that Stanley didn’t get off on a technicality and that he would be off the street for a while. We appreciate all of their good work. They were very impressed that Billy knew whom to call. That really busted the case.

Now, we are still missing a few little items that Stanley had trouble fencing in the three business hours that he had that day, and we missed our tee time, but they are nothing compared to the blessings of actually being able to watch the guy who robbed us while we slept get cuffed and hauled away in the back of a police car.

Another excellent adventure.

The end of the story was that Stanley is still on the streets. He paid us about $2k for that which was not recovered and may have been ordered to do some community service, but beware LI residents, Stanley did not do time on this theft so he is still out there somewhere.

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