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Cruisin with Celebrity

2010 October 11
by Bill

Karen and I recently returned from our first cruise together. We left from Ft. Lauderdale on September 12th and visited Grand Cayman, Cozumel, Mexico, Costa Mayo, Mexico and Roatan, Honduras. We sailed on the Celebrity Solstice and had a great time. We encourage you to follow our lead and do this at least once, it was a wonderful vacation.

I can’t say enough about the cruise, the on-board personnel and the Captain, who showed his leadership above and beyond just being the master of the vessel. On Wednesday night a passenger attempted suicide by jumping into the VERY dark sea at 1AM. The crew marked the spot on the GPS, lit up the area and found him! A lifeboat was lowered but the jumper resisted the rescue, whereupon the captain dove in, subdued him and saved his life. The jumper was handcuffed and placed in the ship’s brig (they have two). He was sent ashore in Roatan and we continued on our way.

Imagine this. The captain of a major cruise line ship with 2,800 passengers and 1,300 crew took command down to the level of jumping into the sea in the middle of the night to save a passenger, regardless of the passenger’s desire to be saved. I think the crew would follow him anywhere. We would certainly sail with him anywhere.

I have always functioned under the dictum that there is customer service, good customer service and extraordinary customer service, the latter being the bar that few attain but some at least make an attempt. Celebrity has mastered these in all forms, at least at sea.

We booked another cruise with Celebrity for next year before we left the ship and we’re looking forward to it. If you would care to join us, we leave Ft. Lauderdale and will cross the Atlantic ending up in Rome, Italy. After that we will stay on and cruise the eastern Mediterranean. It is a 28 day trip but priceless. We will visit the Azores, Spain, France Italy, Greece and Turkey; both the European side and the Asian side. We are calling it our 20th anniversary trip. I know, its a little early, but what the heck. Want to join us?

We used a cruise broker for the trip. Her name is Gerlind Sievert and she is wonderful. Call her at 1-866-476-0381 for your cruise, you won’t be disappointed. Her experience in dealing with these issues has proved invaluable.

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