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Open Letter #2 to the RNC

2015 April 16
by Bill

16 April 2015

Mr./Ms. Tony Parker
Republican national Committee
310 First Street, S.E.
Washington, DC 20003

Dear Mr./Ms. Parker:

Enclosed please find my letter to Mr. Reince Priebus dated 2 February 2015.

Clearly you did not receive a copy so I am filling that void. As requested, please remove, forthwith, my name and address from any and all of your databases. Based on the past history of the RNC I have absolutely NO desire or plan to financially support you in any way. If the Democrats beat you again it will not be due to lack of funding, it will be due to your continued poor choices and lack of leadership.

I have declared my independence from any political party. I shall vote my conscience and look for leadership, for those that follow the Constitution and for those who believe that the Country was founded on solid Biblical Principles.

Lest you write me off as a right-wing kook as you have to so many others who disagree with your past losses, let me state that I am a veteran, small business owner and completely fed up with the shenanigans of Washington, regardless of party.

The fact that the Republican “majority” continues to allow the criminals in this administration to continue to function is proof positive to me that you are all in this to your necks.

I’m out.

William N. Gadol

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