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Mila by Lifemax – the healthiest functional food on the planet, providing whole food nutrition needed by everyone. This food provides vital raw nutrition to every cell in your body – life-changing Omega 3s (considered the best and safest delivery system); antioxidants, phytonutrients, fiber, protein, plus many other vitamins and minerals … raw food goodness for every cell in our body, synergistically working together like nothing else can.

Mila is a proprietary blend of salvia hispanica l seeds.  This blend provides the highest level of nutrition available.  In fact, this is considered by nutritional experts to be THE best functional food known.  In fact, the nutrition in Mila will support life at the cellular level.

Recognized as a food by the USFDA, Mila is gluten-free, trans-fat free, and sugar free. It provides vital nutrition for every cell in your body – from the top of your head to the soles of your feet, and every organ system in between.  This food contains all of the nutrition you need and nothing you want to avoid.  A food that no matter your age, health (or lack there of) – you need and will enjoy.

The testimonials of consumers are many and nothing short of amazing … hence, the Miracle Seed.  No medical claims are intended but when this nutrition is added, people’s heath is improved. From acne to arthritis to autism, bi-polar to bowel disease, cholesterol to chronic pain, constipation to depression, diabetes to fibromyalgia, migraine headaches to seizures to PMS to ADD/ADHD – and every thing in between, positive change is seen. Weight loss, increased energy, decreased appetite, better sleep, better behavior, better grades … these examples simply represent the power of this nutrition in our bodies.

Every day, trillions of cells in your body are replacing, repairing and regenerating.  They are only as strong as the building materials you give them to build with.  This food provides essential nutrition allowing your body to be stronger at the cellular level.  Remember, healthy cells build healthy tissue, which builds healthy organs, which builds a healthy body.  What you eat every day determines how healthy your cells are … fast food, nutrient depleted foods (foods that man has altered – they come in bags and boxes with labels on them and preservatives in them) do not provide what you need to maintain health.  After all, disease is ultimately the result of chronic nutrient depletion at the cellular level.

You can begin to correct this today by adding Mila to your daily diet.  One to two scoops a day … you will be thrilled and amazed with the results.

Why not order some today? You deserve it and I assure you, you need it.

Mila by Lifemax offers Independent Distributors the opportunity to build a global business while sharing the world’s healthiest whole, raw food. This young (launched in Oct ‘08), privately-owned, debt-free company offers you the perfect opportunity to impact the world. Why not evaluate this global business opportunity for yourself. Please contact me today for information on how you can start to build a business.  Whether you desire to build a legacy for your family or simply get your Mila for free, let’s work together to surpass your goals!  All things are possible …